Practicing Martial Arts From Around The World

Over the years the instructors at Blue Wave Martial Arts have traveled throughout the United States, Canada and to countries around world, both taking and giving workshops and bringing back new techniques and methods. This has led to one of the most diverse teaching curriculums offered by a single school of Martial Arts.  As we like to say, "Practicing Martial Arts From Around the World" is what we do and  our curriculum includes techniques from Asia, Europe, and America.  Below is a basic outline of what we teach.  Keep in mind that these are not individual classes or courses that can be taken as a one-off, but part of a system designed to blend together forming a complete martial arts program.  

Blue Wave is one of the few schools anywhere that offers students the unique opportunity to study both Eastern and Western Martial Arts.

asian martial arts


The name Chung Do Kwan means "The School of the Blue Waves". This style of Taekwando is where we have derived many of our hand and foot techniques as well as the majority of the Forms or Kata that you will learn as a student.

Doce Pares escrima

Escrima, also known as Arnis or Kali is a Filipino martial art dating back to the 16th century.  The art is a multi-style system that focuses on sticks, knives and swords as well as open hand techniques.  Students will progress from single stick to double stick, to stick and dagger, and if interested, full contact sparring.  We use Escrima as the foundation of our school, allowing all other arts that we practice to build on our Filipino basics.

The shortest path between two points is a straight line, and in a one-on-one situation the fighter that can control and master these straight paths will have mastery over the fight, regardless the weapon.

European Martial arts

historical european martial arts (hema)

Without a doubt HEMA is the most exciting and most extensive martial art that we teach.  Practicing HEMA is both practical and academic, based on edged weapons as well as grappling techniques. One of the most interesting aspects of HEMA is that we study and learn the martial arts of our European ancestors.   

As students progress through their learning in HEMA they will become proficient in the use of the longsword, sidesword, messer, dagger and single stick. In addition, we will closely examine the manuscripts and techniques of the masters that originally taught and practiced these arts.

We will study the Italian techniques by the masters Fiore dei Liberi (1410) and Achille Marozzo (1523). From the German tradition we will explore the works of Johannes Liechtenauer (1389?), Hans Leckuchhner (1482) and Joachim Meyer (1570). From England we study the works of George Silver (1599).

For those interested, we travel to several tournaments as a school throughout the year.  These tournaments give individuals a chance to try out the techniques they have been practicing with students of other schools.  In addition to the fun competition, these tournaments always have workshops hosted by outstanding instructors from around the world.

It has been stated that Bruce Lee incorporated his study of fencing into his own art, Jit Kun Do, because it brought an approach to timing and line control absent for other forms of  fighting.
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Our knife defense course was designed by former PPCT Instructor Mike Collins and is based off of the PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense class (SKD).  We use techniques already learned in Eskrima to build upon the SKD outline -- to prepare an individual who is confronted  by a spontaneous knife assault and is unable to disengage or retrieve a weapon. We will practice common grips, basic strikes and lines of attack as well as defensive strategies that lead to takedowns, restraint and control.


Having a background and basic understanding with handguns should be part of any martial artist's schooling. The Defensive Handgun portion of our program gives students a solid foundation in basic gun handling and marksmanship skills. Students will learn handgun safety, proper presentation from a holster in both a concealed and unconcealed carry, dealing with common malfunctions, and basic handgun handling.  

This course completes the Blue Wave journey of martial arts starting with the 14th century and culminating in today's modern world. Practicing and studying different arts from around the world, throughout a broad time span, will not only be fun and educational but will form a well rounded martial artist.  


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Longpoint 2017, Photo by Meg Floyd

Longpoint 2017, Photo by Meg Floyd