Blue Wave Martial Arts has been the premier martial arts school in the Salida area for the past twenty years.  Many other programs have come and gone but we have continued to provide a good instructional base throughout the years. 

Mike Collins

Mike founded Blue Wave Martial Arts some time around 1990. He was our instructor, our leader, but most of all he was our friend.  Mike was not only a teacher and a student of martial arts, he was a true warrior.

After three successful tours in Iraq Mike passed away of natural causes during his third tour in Afghanistan.

Mike's enthusiasm and intensity made all of us that knew Mike better martial artists and better individuals.  Mike is always in our thoughts, especially when we train with intensity.

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Tom Karnuta

What happens when you fail to close your line.

What happens when you fail to close your line.

Tom is the principal instructor at Blue Wave and has been training and teaching martial arts for over a decade and a half.  In 2010, while trying to find instruction in Asian sword techniques he discovered Historical European Martial Arts also known as Western Martial Arts. His training and fighting as taken him to many wonderful places throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. It has not only brought a new style of martial arts to Blue Wave, but has brought a passion.